Stephanie Shipp

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"I would like to put a smile on someone else's face," Stephanie Shipp says. "I want them to feel that grin that starts way down at the tip of your toes, the one that beams from inside."

To get those smiles, Stephanie decides to give extra big tips of more than $200 to four pizza deliverymen. She and her four small children open the phone book together and find the first company to call. They place the order with Pizza Hut and wait 45 minutes.

When the deliveryman arrives, he tells Stephanie the bill is $18.45 and she says, "Okay, here's $245." "How much change do you need back?" he asks. "It's all yours," Stephanie says. "I just wanted to brighten your day."

Stephanie and her children do this three more times. And, each time, the deliveryman is surprised and thinks it's a joke. By the time they've gone through the giving exercise, they have four large pizzas on their counter!