AHHHH. The Life You Want tour has been amazing. By the time the December 2014 issue comes out, we will have spent six incredible weekends in six different cities (two more to go), with thousands and thousands of you yearning for your best life—and having the courage to claim it.

For me, the experience has been life affirming. I've been dazzled by your open-armed embrace of a better you. Each of us carried and lifted by grace.

I loved Carla, who took three buses, one tram and two taxis to make it to Newark, New Jersey, feeling like she couldn't let go of a relationship that was clearly no longer for her. By the time the weekend ended, she was ready to stand in her own power. Grace in full force.

And Libby, who was inspired to introduce her 7- and 4-year-olds to gratitude journaling.

And Cara, who came away seeing life's most precious gift in a new light: "Just the fact that I'm breathing is proof I have not failed. I must have a life worth living and a reason for being here."

And Dr. Ro, who was moved to write a poem about the weekend. It's called "The Life We Got." An excerpt:

We ALL wanted That Life
So we went there
Arm in arm
Hand in hand
Sistas gathered from all over the globe to touch the Elusive
Cheek met cheek
Double-sided kisses

And we grew like
God's newly planted garden

One of my tour companions, the poet and spiritual trailblazer Mark Nepo, called the weekend gatherings "a holy blossoming."

I know for sure he is right. Multiple hearts beating to the rhythm of one spiritual song. The call to fulfill who you were meant to be. The call to Grace.


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