Oprah and Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren
The visionary American dream-maker who's turned a look (and a necktie) into a $10 billion empire talks about the fabric of his amazing life.
October 2002

Phil Donahue Phil Donahue
A one-on-one conversation with the guy who invented smart talk in the afternoon and brought startling new ideas into the living rooms and laundry rooms of American women.
September 2002

Brandy, Oprah, and Sonja Norwood Brandy and Sonja Norwood
The singer-actress, along with her mother, talks about how two determined women recaptured a life that was spinning out of control.
July 2002

Oprah and Chris Rock Chris Rock
The funnyman opens up about transcending race, why comedy is his calling and the powerful life principle that sustains him during his most difficult moments.
June 2002

Oprah and the Central Park jogger The Central Park Jogger
For the first time, the jogger left for dead in New York's Central Park breaks her silence, telling us what she remembers, what she wants, and what amazes her.
April 2002

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan
The actor and his wife on sickness and health, love and marriage, and their no-spin family ties.
March 2002

Oprah and Condoleezza Rice Condoleezza Rice
The former Secretary of State talks about her downtime (piano, football, shopping), her uptime (faith, unity, power), and why the terrorists have already lost.
February 2002

Oprah and Rudy Giuliani Rudy Giuliani
The now legendary former New York City mayor talks about September 11, his call to courage and his own inspirational calm after the storm.
January 2002


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