Oprah and Julia Roberts Julia Roberts
The Academy Award winning actress opens up about fame, fickleness, embarrassing fashion moments, her Oscar, her husband, and why she's in the harbor of her life.
December 2003

Marian Pearl, her son, and Oprah Mariane Pearl
Mariane Pearl opens up about her sweet, unconventional love affair with Danny Pearl, the beauty of her husband's spirit, and the challenge to be hopeful no matter what.
October 2003

Oprah and Salma Hayek Salma Hayek
The actress, director, and producer opens up about coming to Hollywood, defying expectations, and the creativity that comes from owning your own power.
September 2003

Norah Jones and Oprah Norah Jones
The Grammy-winning artist opens up about her Texas childhood, her famous father and influential mother, money and overexposure, and what she'll do for a second act.
July 2003

Oprah, Kathryn Sansone, and her children Kathryn Sansone
Oprah goes inside the very organized mind and house of this mother of nine to find out how she keeps her sanity—to say nothing of her shape.
May 2003

Serena Williams, Oprah, and Venus Williams Venus and Serena Williams
The sisters who've put a spin on the buttoned-up game of tennis talk about passion, fashion, and their ferocious bond.
March 2003

Oprah and Jay Leno Jay Leno
A truly stand-up guy of late-night television talks about his work life and his married life (with the Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Mavis Leno).
February 2003

Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep, Oprah, and Nicole Kidman Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore
Three extraordinary actresses get together for a revelatory conversation about making movies, children, getting older, their raging insecurity, and their transcendent film, The Hours.
January 2003


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