It was a real LOL moment. I'd just gotten my third e-mail from the O editors telling me my "What I Know for Sure" column was past due. The note said: "A reminder...this month's theme is 'ahhh moments'—how to relax, find peace, stay calm."

At that very second, I happened to be on the phone with two graduates of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls who'd called in a panic from the airport to say they'd missed their flights to their university, while at the same time I was going over spreadsheets for my next meeting, while at the same time people were pacing outside my door. And I was supposed to say something wise about peace and relaxation?

I started writing back to my dear editors to protest that I knew nothing for sure about relaxing. I wanted to point out that between working on OWN and Oprah's Next Chapter, filming The Butler, doing magazine shoots, teaching at the academy, and taking care of countless other commitments, I was away more days than I was home last year. I thought the record should show that the last time I'd even come close to enjoying a spa-like atmosphere was when I was photographed for this month's cover.

But then Sadie walked into my office wagging her long tail, and I realized that I do in fact give myself ahhh moments, like my daily mommy cuddles with her (they make tension instantly dissipate), and my 4 P.M. cup of masala chai tea (spicy, hot, with foamed almond milk on top—it's refreshing and gives me a little lift for the rest of the afternoon). In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, moments like these may be easy to overlook, but they're powerful for sure. They're your recharge, your breathing space, your chance to reconnect with you. And they're yours for the making 365 days a year.

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