My entire life is a miracle. And so is yours. That I know for sure.

No matter how you came to be—whether you were wanted or "an accident" (as I was labeled for many years)—your being here to read these words is awesome.

I say that not knowing the details of your life. What I do know is that every person carries her own story of hope and sorrow, victory and loss, redemption, joy, and light.

Everyone has had their share of life lessons. How well you learn from them is up to you.

When you choose to see the world as a classroom, you understand that all experiences are here to teach you something about yourself. And that your life's journey is about becoming more of who you are. Another miracle: We all get to share in the journey.

The hardest experiences are often the ones that teach us the most. I say this having just gotten off the phone with my lawyers discussing how to handle two pending lawsuits. The first question I asked them was, "What is this suit really about, and what am I supposed to learn from it?" Only when I can perceive what the real lesson is can I make the best decision—and grow from the experience.

After everything that's happened to me in nearly 57 years on this Earth, what I'm most proud of is that I remain open to evolving. I know that every physical encounter has a metaphysical meaning. And I'm open to seeing it all.

I want to keep doing better and being better at who I am until I fulfill the promise of the miracle that is this life.

"Your life's journey is about becoming more of who you are."

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