Jane Fonda and Oprah

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Jane Fonda
July 2000

Oprah: What do you need to pull together in your third act?

Jane Fonda: Intimacy. That's what I have to work on.

OW: When you say intimacy, you're not talking about sex, right?

JF: Sex and intimacy are not the same: You can have sex all your life and never be intimate with a person. There has to be empathy in the relationship. You have to enjoy seeing through their eyes. When you're with them, you're there and not thinking about what you're gonna do tomorrow.

OW: Doesn't intimacy require a fully opened heart?

JF: You can think that you have a fully opened heart, but as with an onion, there are layers to the heart. You can think it's fully opened and then discover a whole other layer.

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