Oprah and Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks
September 2001

Oprah: A lot of your movies seem to have a moral center. Do you look for those kinds of films?

Tom Hanks: The reason most of us go to the movies is to be involved in someone else's moral dilemma. Whether that dilemma is communicated the way Scorsese did it in Taxi Driver, which is one of the most amazing films I've ever seen, or the way Kirk Douglas did it in Spartacus, you know there's something happening on the screen that is bigger than the lives we lead but that is still recognizable to a 14-year-old in Oakland. I'm not looking for that when I read a script, but I am knocked out by it when I see it.

OW: When you choose a role, is there a soul connection between you and the character?

TH: Yes, that has to be there. If I have no connection with the character, then it's all fake....

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