Whether it's your heart, your diet, or your communication skills, we've got tools for whatever's feeling broken (not to mention lessons from ordinary people who made big breakthroughs, and tips on when to give yourself a break). Trust us: The fix is below, in O's Live Your Best Year Tooklit.

How To…

Broken record Fix the Broken Record in Your Head
(You know, the one that's always saying you're not good enough?) Martha Beck has four tips to counteract the negativity.

Business meeting Fix a Communication Breakdown
Three very real situations, three very easy answers from negotiation expert Daniel L. Shapiro.

Fast food Break Poor Eating Habits
Carbs are out, then they're in. Eggs can kill you—or save your life. Once and for all, can we just figure out what to put on our plates? The Pied Piper of sustainable eating, Michael Pollan, has the answer, in three words.

Broken heart Heal a Broken Heart
What's the best way to get over love gone bad? Eternal optimist Padma Atluri has the surprising answer.

Trapped Get Unstuck
Getting unstuck requires serious innovation. Here's a snazzy little trick from Oprah's favorite right-brain creativity expert, Daniel H. Pink, to get your juices flowing.

Tree ladder Get Motivated
Scientists are discovering a far more powerful third drive. To tap into it, you need to develop three things: a sense of mastery, autonomy and purpose. Here's how…

Speech bubble Sound Smarter
These three tips will make you sound more intelligent. And we could all stand to sound a bit more intelligent, agreed?

Chicks Break the Ice
Hello, how are you, my name is—then what? Daniel Menaker—editor, writer, conversationalist extraordinaire—has a few words on how to talk the talk.

Woman hiking Have a Breakthrough
How O contributing editor Michelle Burford finally—finally!—lost the weight, and how author Kelly Corrigan came to terms with her mother.


Chocolate 4 Things That Are Just Fine the Way They Are
And yes, this includes your chocolate habit!


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