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Happy Up Your Home
Two space-sprucing specialists suggest ways to make your place shine.

Eliminate eyesores.
Amy Azzarito, author of Past & Present, replaced drab closet handles with a pair shaped like Nepalese goddesses, and improved an ugly light-fixture cord by stringing it with beads.

Use your unused spaces.
When Abbey Hendrickson (author of You Are Awesome: 21 Crafts to Make You Happy) bought her home, she was stumped by a tiny room with a woodstove. But installing a bench and books turned it into "the library."

Delight all your senses.
Design isn't solely visual. Consider the feel of your rug, the texture of your throw pillows, the logistics of making a room quieter. And don't forget scent—Azzarito burns a candle that smells like a campfire.

Mind the details.
Small touches can transform a space—like a vase of flowers, beautiful pens on your desk, or an artful display of your jewelry (Azzarito hangs hers on the wall). A rule of thumb? "Buy only things you want around forever," says Hendrickson. "Buy only what you love."

—Robin Romm