Rose lip balm

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Stop And Smell The Rose Lip Balm
Research suggests that floral scents increase positive emotions—which is no surprise to Mandy Aftel, owner of Aftelier Perfumes, who offers up odes to five beloved blooms:

"They can be spicy, vibrant and heady, or soft and sweet. Smelling a rose is grounding—when I crush a few petals in my hand, calm flows through my body."

"These have a fresh, clean scent that's a bit fruity and tart, with a crisp finish that's not as sweet or cloying as other flowers."

"It has a sweetness but also, because of a compound called indole—this is going to sound strange—a faintly rotten quality. The combination is sexy and intense."

"Gardenias possess a heavy, rich undertone. Picture the texture of cream—convert that to a scent and you'd land close to gardenias."

"It smells bright, green and tart, which makes it invigorating. I find that it perks me up and eases stress and tension."

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