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Make Them a Coupon Book of The Things Nobody Wants to Hear.
We all have things we want to express that do not help us. Worse, while expressing them, we usually don't want help from anybody else, either. We want to scream with rage without having anybody commiserate. We want to talk about how our parents' divorce at 80 is all our fault and not have anybody dispute this with facts, figures or clearer memories. Further, we want to do all this without feeling guilty for boring and exhausting our listener (or for wasting our own time and energy because even we know that all the ranting and complaining does nothing to change the situation). So should your best friend have to declare bankruptcy on her birthday, make her a homemade coupon book that entitles her to redeem one shame-free whine fest, rage attack, long baroque episode of self-loathing as well as two or three "it's not fair" wail-a-thons to you via the phone or in person. P.S. Be sure to specify a timeframe on each coupon. P.P.S. The timeframe is 20 minutes (max).