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Q: Hello, Marianne. For the past 13 months, I have been recovering from a brain tumor. I believe it is a miracle of love and healing energy and a divine intervention that I am healed. I am full of gratitude, love and appreciation for this healing. Why am I feeling as if I do not have the right to claim it a miracle? Big Love and appreciation to you. EEMA (Enjoy Every Moment Always).

— Marsha B., Millbrae, California

Dear Marsha,

The reason you might have a hard time claiming this as a miracle is that it begs the question: "Did someone who did not physically heal have less of a miracle than I did?" In fact, the true miracle is the love in our hearts—and that has nothing to do specifically with the form of our circumstances. Don't get caught up in words. Just keep it simple: "Thank you, God."


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