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I'm 33 years old, happily married, a working mother of two boys and reside in Denver, Colorado. I'm a regular gal like many of you. There's just one little twist: I'm a professional psychic medium. I communicate with spirits on a regular basis, connecting the living with loved ones on the other side. But this "gift" is not something I was always aware of possessing, nor was I raised in a household where we talked about psychics or paranormal phenomena. Let me share with you how spirit entered into my life one day, 13 years ago, and forever rocked my world.

As a 20-year-old sophomore in college at the University of Florida, I went through big changes in my personal life. I started to withdraw from my sorority and many friends. I realized I was suffering from depression, yet I didn't want to reach out for help. I started unconsciously turning to food to find comfort from my suffering. At night, I would sleepwalk into the kitchen and eat, until minutes later I "woke up" confused and went back to bed. This started happening more and more, going from one time per night, a few nights a week, to several times, every night. I was in constant battle with myself—my mind vs. my soul. I started gaining weight, and my unhappiness grew stronger. I felt like a prisoner to myself. A year later, I told my parents what was going on and, in turn, sought a doctor. I tried antidepressants for six months, yet this did nothing more but dull the pain that remained deep within. So, with the permission of my doctor, I took myself off them and again fought this battle on my own.

Two years and 30 pounds later, I decided I'd had enough. I began to journal my feelings, crying out for help. A few months later, I ran into an "angel board," like a Ouija board, and began playing around with it, with my college roommates. What started out as a game turned into my therapy. I would take the board into my room at night and connect with my angels. One night, my deceased grandma Babe came through and told me to take care of the dripping candle behind me. Confused, I turned around only to find my candle dripping wax all over my carpet! It was then I knew there were more eyes in that room than just my own. Then, a few days later, I was at a bookstore journaling about my frustrations, and my grandma started to talk to me through my own hand...a process known as automatic writing. She started channeling information through me, and my hand flew furiously across the page. Fifteen pages later, she had told me things only my father would know, just to confirm it was truly her. After reading the words to my dad, he confirmed it all as being true. And thus began my work with my grandma and guides on the other side.

How her spiritual guides led her to her soul mate
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My grandma suffered most her life from severe depression, and when I was 11 years old, she took her life. She explained that in order to balance out her karma, she needed to work with me so that I would not suffer as she did. For eight months, I would devote time every day to connect with them through the writing. I went through deep soul searching and uncovering the illusions my mind created. They labeled my waking and eating "the night prowler" and explained it was my soul that was waking up and wanting freedom from darkness, yet my mind/ego resisting. Slowly, as I learned to love myself and find happiness within, the night prowler let up.

During this time, my guides told me I would meet my soul mate once I mastered self-love. They gave me clues to inspire me to go forward, including his name, Ryan, and said he would give me a rose and that his birthday was September 24. I kept this information in the back of my mind, hoping I wasn't making it all up. After five months of work, I was happy again and the night prowler gone! I slept a full night through for the first time in more than three years. And three months later, I was introduced to Brian Rosen (drop the B and N and you find "rian, rose"), and once I put two and two together, I asked him his birthday, which sure enough was September 24! We were engaged seven months later.

My grandma had done her work and explained that I would go on now to help many others connect with their loved ones in the hereafter. And it was then that the deceased started making it known that they were around and in need of contact with those around me. I started to understand that while the spirits were in a beautiful place and at peace, oftentimes their surviving loved ones were not. And I recognized an opportunity for me to serve as the bridge between the two worlds, offering undeniable validation that the soul is eternal and providing spiritual guidance to help the living find greater meaning and purpose for their time here on earth.

To this day, I am humbled and grateful for such a gift. I trust that I am to help others find peace and closure to suffering and pain and reconnect with their own intuitive gifts, as I did, with help from the spirit world.

Rebecca Rosen has served as a bridge between this world and those who have crossed over to the other side for the past 10 years. Her work has led to many guest appearances, including Entertainment Tonight, The Rachael Ray Show and Nightline, and her first book, Spirited: Connect to the Guides All Around You (HarperCollins). Due to the high and growing demand for spiritual truth, she has committed herself full time to serving as a medium and also educates thousands of people around the country with her seminars, lectures and workshops. Learn more about Rosen by visiting her website.

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