That, to me, said so much. The ones whose hearts had been pierced the most on that day had broken through to a deeper love...been delivered by their pain to a more enlightened perspective...grown beyond the thought that violence is the only tool we have with which to counter violence. We need armies of thoughts as well as armies of soldiers; prayers that reach up to the sky as well as bombs that fall out of the sky. Yes, there are times when brute force is a necessary tool in the defense of our country. But we need soul force as well, for that is ultimately the tool that will tip the balance in our favor, casting out hatred and returning the world to love.

As we remember the tragic events that etched the date September 11 forever on our calendars, let us prayerfully remember those who lost their lives on that day. And let us remember just as prayerfully those who are fighting for their lives, and for our country, even today in Afghanistan and elsewhere. May each of us become a vessel through which the power of love can extend itself and in time transform the world.

Dear God, please work a miracle among us. Turn fear into love, war into peace, the forces of death into the forces of eternal life. And so it is. Amen.

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