A life of adventure and globe-trotting may not have been what Maria Coffey first envisioned as a young teacher in 1980s England, but it's the exciting path she's traveled for more than 20 years. Maria left England in 1985 for a teacher exchange program on Vancouver Island, where she met the man who would become her husband, Dag Goering, a veterinarian, photographer and soon-to-be world traveler.

From their home base in Canada, Maria and her husband began taking adventure trips, traveling the world by sea, kayak and other extreme means and eventually opened their own adventure travel company. At the same time, Maria began a career as an outdoor journalist, writing for national magazines and newspapers and publishing 12 books.

Maria's latest book, Explorers of the Infinite, delves into the intense spiritual encounters many extreme athletes and travelers have, from near-death experiences, psychic communication and beyond. When Maria and her husband are not trekking the globe, they live in Victoria and on Lasqueti Island, British Columbia.


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