scarlett was right

Illustration: Jen Troyer

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The most helpful thing anyone said to me when I was about to become a parent was to buy all white socks so you don't have to sit there constantly sorting pairs. The second most helpful thing was to remind myself, in every miserable moment: "This too shall pass." It's true of childbirth; it's true of toddler tantrums; it's true of mind-numbing team-building exercises; it's true of traffic jams; it's true of all sloggy life blahs. Sometimes you just need to give in to the yuckiness of the day, throw your psychic hands up in the air and trust that tomorrow will be an improvement. As Oprah says, "The sun is pretty certain to show up tomorrow." And of course you know this—what you are sure to find whole, entire, unlived and waiting for you when you wake up: the future. After all, tomorrow is another day.