Heather Small and Oprah

What Oprah knows for sure, she says, is that your proudest moments are almost always about what you can do for someone else. "When you give, it creates a circle," Oprah says. "And it comes back to you, and you get even more in return."

Heather says that she wrote the song "Proud" to remind herself to think of others. "It's about little things that you can do to make somebody else feel good," she says. "Sometimes we get out of bed and we're not very happy. I think that rather than make myself happy, I should go out there and make somebody else happy."
Heather Small singing 'Proud'

In Heather Small's American television debut, she performs her song "Proud" with the Apostolic Church of God Choir.
The 'What have you done today?' T-shirt

Oprah is asking you to do something for someone else to make yourself proud. Not just today, but every day. It can be something small, like smiling at someone new, or a grand gesture—just make sure you do it! Then, send us your "proudest" moments!

Oprah says it will change your life. "You walk through the day differently," she says. "You think, 'What have I done today? What have I done today?'"

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