This is where the hard work comes in. You must work through your plan. Along the way, you will be learning, gaining knowledge, reaching out to mentors when needed and following through on the plan.

The one thing I know for sure is that as you work and grow, so will your plan. Often, people make the mistake of thinking they have to quit their job, change their life and start again to make their dream come true.

My advice is to take your plan and break it up in small steps. Do what you can each day, but use time mindfully so that it feels joyful, not rushed or stressed.

When I created my pottery business, I worked in the evenings and weekends while keeping my full-time job for years. Once I was confident that my dream plans were working, I was then, without stress, able to move to my dream job full time.

Your dream will take you places you never imagine once it takes flight. I never dreamt of the opportunities and people I would meet along the way that have given my dream the breath, beauty and life that it possesses today.

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