Get creative and put your own spin on the work. Use your imagination and make this your own. Have fun, explore and embrace the infinite ways there are to make your passion into a reality.

I wanted to make and sell things that touched peoples' lives and hearts. So I had to first...
  • Learn to make pottery well.
  • Create and design a look that was uniquely my own and make a collection to offer.
  • Look for retail outlets and learn how craft and wholesale shows worked.
  • Learn enough about business to get into my first show.
If you need to learn a skill or understand a business model, take a class, borrow a book from the library or become an intern with a master.

Research the area of your dream as much as possible. There is an old saying that I repeat to myself during times of research and preparation: "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail." This little phrase reminds me to do the work I need to do to move my dream forward.

Put your plan into action


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