Everyday things you do—telling little white lies, gossiping, not standing up for yourself—can erode your spiritual backbone.

Step One: Stand Up for Yourself!
When you don't live a life that reflects your true priorities, your "spiritual backbone" becomes out of alignment. You cannot live an authentic life if you continue to do things for people that you don't want to do. Learn to say "No" to the things that don't reflect your beliefs.

Step Two: Be Honest...No 'Little White Lies!'
People often tell white lies to avoid confrontation in their lives. Once you start telling these little lies, you begin to distrust yourself and harm your self-esteem. Doing this can take a physical and spiritual toll by draining your energy.

Step Three: Stop the Gossip!
Gossip is a way of avoiding confrontation and a great example of how we break our integrity with ourselves. If gossiping about others makes you feel powerful, perhaps you should look at why you feel powerless. When you gossip and feel badly about yourself afterwards, you're betraying yourself.


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