life skill 4

Illustration: Jen Troyer

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You know the voice, don’t you? It criticizes what you did and didn’t do. Then it criticizes what other people did or didn’t do. Then it complains why everybody else has pulled it together except for you. Then it tells you to worry about your car dying or your house burning down or your losing your job due to a sudden downturn in the world economy, which hasn’t happened yet but will. Then it says you’re wasting everybody’s time by being worried. In fact, it says, you’re putting your marriage in jeopardy and scarring the kids because you’re thinking about a recession instead of playing Legos on the floor with them.

That voice is your ego talking. The sooner you can recognize that voice for what it is—your thoughts on your life and not your life—the sooner you can start actually living. (Need more details? See Eckart Tolle and Lifeclass)