In helping others, you're also helping yourself. Helping others is like a giant mirror—you always get reflected back to you what you need to see. Helping others teaches you more deeply about compassion, and it can make you more grateful for the life you have. It can fill your heart with love, and, for many, it can be the missing piece of the puzzle to make a life feel complete.

Imagine what the world would be like if each and every one of us started the day asking, "How may I be of service today?" This is a world I want to live in.

Soul Reflection:
This is your last week of assignments! Be sure to reflect on these questions and give them as much time as you have for the other weeks' assignments:
  • Were you raised in a family that volunteered together or was community service was part of your family life?

  • Is there a part of you that needs or wants to be rescued?

  • Does the thought of being of service or asking the spirit how you can be of service scare you?
Take some time this week to help somebody else. Perhaps you'll be the angel somebody has been waiting for.

Connect with Others:
Share your thoughts about helping others and your feelings about this nine-week course in the Comments section.

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