Practice Exercise to Improve Your Natural Intuitive/Psychic Ability:
Every time you have a gut feeling, write down what the feeling was, what action you took or didn't take and whether that feeling came from your head or your gut. Over time, you can go back and read your journal and begin to see a pattern. Perhaps you'll see that every time you didn't go with your gut or intuitive feeling, things didn't work out as well as they could have. Like any other skill or gift, it takes work to perfect it. After a lot of time practicing and noticing, you will recognize your intuitive feeling sooner rather than later and act on it appropriately. For instance, let's say you are at a stoplight and want to turn left but, all of a sudden, the thought occurs to you that you should turn right instead. You don't want to turn right; you want to turn left. So you do. When you turn left, you're hit by another car. Was your intuition telling you to turn right to avoid the crash? These are the types of things you can start to notice, but most will be on a more subtle level and not as dramatic as a car crash.

Soul Reflection:
Try to stay open with your heart and mind when answering these assignment questions.
  • How do you feel about being an intuitive human being?

  • Does being intuitive go against any beliefs you have or were raised with?

  • Did you see things as a child that others didn't or have psychic experiences that were ignored?

  • If you're aware of your intuitive gifts, do you hide them or use them?

  • Are you open to reclaiming your birthright of being an intuitive person?
No hard emotional work to do, but I would like you to be very observant this week. Observe your gut feelings, pay attention to your intuition and observe other people.

Connect with Others:
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