When you practice good boundaries, you can quickly reverse this problem. Here are 10 ways to do it:

Notice when hunger begins. Not when it overwhelms you, and not mid-bite, but when you first feel peckish.

Notice what else you are feeling at the same time. Notice who comes to mind and where your attention wanders.

Stall. Drink a sip of water and imagine filling every atom of yourself with a healthy, happy you. If you don't even know what that feels like, it's time to start using your intuition to find out. Pretending you have what you envy in others is a good way to start.

Put yourself on alert for those people and feelings that creep back into your attention and find methods that work to get them out!

If you know someone who's having a hard time, especially if it's your best friend, someone you love, someone you're romantically involved with or even someone you're related to, make a practice of experiencing them outside of you and not "in your heart." Not only will you be able to help her with more power and perspective, but you will stop reacting as if you were her (and stop medicating it with food).

If you live with a person who's in distress, make an inner space and an outer space (like a special chair) where you can go to repossess yourself.

Have you ever noticed skinny people and heavy people often team up in couples? One person is eating for the other person's hunger! Filling yourself with the feeling of being you is a good way to make a healthy energetic line, and it's good practice to maintain individuality in your relationships.

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