Five healthy, intuitive and emotional ways to create a good good-bye:

1. Mourn your loss. Mourning is an acknowledgment that your belief was an act of courage, and taking time for grief is a "washing clean" to make space for the capacity to believe again.

2. Keep your intuition and attention on constructive goals in the present.

3. Do not polarize in your memory. Every situation contains both good and bad. Be grateful and nurture in your current life that which was good, while allowing what was harmful to be a gracious teacher.

4. Stay in integrity and take "right action" in all that you do. People are reactive beings, and it's not always easy, but when you are outside of your own integrity, you harm the structure that supports you, your goals and those around you in whom you are still committed to believe.

5. Do the exercises in How to Rule the World from Your Couch to help you disengage your attention from people, issues and goals that no longer serve you.

Intuition is a double-edged sword. It allows us to experience another's goals and needs as our own, but it also takes discipline to disengage from this habit when the situation demands it.

A life well-lived is not one without challenges or pain. It is a life in which every challenge creates something better in your life and in your being. When you commit to using every experience to create a new you, you are using intuition in its most powerful and courageous form!

Laura Day is the New York Times best-selling author of Practical Intuition and How to Rule the World from Your Couch. The Independent called her "The Psychic of Wall Street." Laura has been featured on The Oprah Show, Good Morning America and ABC News, as well as in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal and other national and international media. She is currently working on her new book, No Biting, to be released in 2012. 

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