Photo: Lisa Scatuccio

Do One Thing That Scares You Each Day
Our new mantra! Discovered on the sidewalk, by a café, and so much more useful than, say, a lucky penny.
simple hello

Photo: Ayden Byle

One Simple Hello Could Change Everything
Join the campaign to combat loneliness—as Ayden Byle did, using only a piece of chalk and his front window. (Psst! There's another person who loves the power of hello, and her name begins with "O.")

Photo: Scott Biersack

Don't Regret Anything You Do, Because in the End, It Makes You Who You Are
When both of Scott Biersack's parents lost their jobs—forcing the family to live on food stamps and donations—he vowed to help others the way he was helped. On the black walls of Arizona State University, he's doing just that. (For a good, ugly, happy cry, watch his full story.)
how good you want to be

Photo: Nicole Jacek

"It's Not About How Good You Are, It's About How Good You Want to Be"
Every empty classroom needs these words of direction—as does every kid (or adult) who sits down at an empty desk. That's why the budding-artist duo Dangerdust woke up at dawn, snuck into their school and left this for their fellow students.
to be yourself

Photo: Scott Biersack

"To Be Yourself In a World That Is Constantly Trying To Make You Something Else Is The Greatest Achievement"
For use in moments of doubt. Thanks (again) Scott Biersack.

Photo: Megan Cooley

We Were Born to Shimmer...Etc.
What if we all grew up reading this on our bedroom wall? One very cool mommy (named Megan Cooley) gives instructions for life from inside her home.