Cyrene and Sue visited Ethiopia

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Viewers Cyrene and Sue were so touched by Dr. Hamlin's appearance on the show that they were moved to action. Cyrene (left), a medical student, raised $2,000 to go on an eight-week medical mission to Kenya. "Dr. Hamlin showed me the power of being willing to use the tools that you're given."

Sue, a busy mother of two, had never heard of fistulas before the show. "I was haunted for weeks thinking, 'What else can I do?'" Then an idea came. Sue began hosting bracelet-making parties at her home. Sixty volunteers gave their time, and soon they had made over 1,600 bracelets for the girls at the Fistula Hospital.

Bracelets in tow, Sue and Cyrene traveled to Ethiopia with Oprah to deliver the presents and meet the girls. It was a trip that touched them to their cores. "I will never forget those smiles," Cyrene says. "Their smiles were such a universal language for us. It was how we could connect...they were really telling us that their joy was full."
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