In an effort to focus and celebrate the great power we have to create and make our lives daily, won't you join me on my yearlong journey to "making it?"

I'm Making It consists of a daily planner that offers experiences and ideas that are meaningful and fun, suggesting new opportunities for learning and growth, sharing thoughts, stories and activities that inspire the senses and encourage conscious and mindful action as you live each day and make the life you imagine.

I'm Making It is also an affirmation and a constant reminder that you can do anything you want and that you have everything you need to be everything you want to be.

I invite you to embrace your curiosity, be playful and use your imagination as you join the I'm Making It journey toward self-discovery.

The great thing about this program is that you can join the I'm Making It journey at any point. The only rule is that there are no rules! Start at the beginning at Day 1 or start at Day 25—it's up to you. You can also skip a day or skip 10 days, or do five days of activities in one day. If you love an activity and want to do it longer than a day, go for it. The goal is for you to create your life in its fullest possible way. You are in charge here, so use these suggestions and activities in your way so that they can be most helpful for you.

We make our lives every moment of every day by making every moment matter. A truly happy life is made when the single moments and experiences come together to make a life.

So many people today have been looking outside of themselves for well-being and happiness when what they have been searching for has been inside them all along. I'm Making It celebrates and respects our individual capacity to create, grow and make our lives better and more beautiful.

We know that we each have the power and the strength to overcome and grow even in the most difficult circumstances. It is my wish that each day we learn more about ourselves through the daily experiences in I'm Making It.

May these daily activities be a reminder to believe in yourself, and may they offer comfort, encourage play and fun, make you laugh, reveal your strengths, show you purpose and deliver hope in every day.

Miss the first 18 weeks?
Check back every two weeks when I share a full 14 days of activities and ideas to help you make your life.

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