Day 67
Make an entry in your journal of a day or event in your life that was extraordinary and wonderful.

Ask yourself:
  • What brought me joy?
  • What stands out as remarkable?
  • Why this day, this event?
  • What happened?
  • Who was there?

Tell your story in all its glory. Recount what the day looked like, felt like, wanted to be. Fill in all the details as you share this special moment.

Day 68
Write about an important person in your life.

Make an entry in your journal sharing as many details as you can remember of a person that is important in your life—perhaps someone you admire, love or believe in. Ask yourself questions about them to gather the details for your story.
  • Was there something they did that touched your heart?
  • Why did you admire them so much?
  • Who were they?
  • How did you come to know them?
  • What did they look like?
The people in our lives and our relationships with them are at the heart of living a happy and contented life. This assignment asks you to focus in on one of the people you care about and share details, experiences and feelings that express your relationship. When we understand our relationships, we can embrace them more fully and they become even better. Enjoy sharing the story of someone you care about.

Day 69
Make an entry in your journal where you write about the food that you ate when you were a child.

Perhaps your family had a ritual of making pizza on Friday evenings, baked ham with pineapple on Sundays or a special chocolate chip cookie for Christmas celebrations.

Think about how you ate dinner—was it in front of the television or around the dining room table?

What was considered a treat in your home? What was special? Did you ever eat out at a restaurant?

Was there a food that you hated and were made to eat?

Did your family grow a garden?

Let yourself drift back to the ways your family prepared food and nurtured your body. Write a story about one evening or about many. If there are recipes that you remember, write them down. Enjoy this delicious walk through your memory and perhaps some of these yummy recollections will inspire you to create these treasured meals today.

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