This week is going to be a bit different than other weeks. I'd like you make this week about making things that matter to you. Be deliberate each day about making something and documenting it in your journal.

Search your heart and your head for things you really want to discover and do with your hands. Remember, there are no rules! If you don't know how to do something, go online for directions or go to the library or bookstore to learn how. It's up to you—you can make one thing or 100 things.

Here is a list of ideas to get you started thinking about what to make:
  • Make a rhubarb crisp
  • Make a knitted scarf
  • Make an herb garden 
  • Make lemonade from scratch
  • Make a new journal
  • Make greeting cards to send out
  • Make a CD of your favorite songs and give it to friends
  • Make a poem 
  • Make a bouquet of flowers from the garden to give to a neighbor
  • Make the bed just the way you love it
  • Make pickles
  • Make dolls to give to kids in need

This week, create something with your hands. Create a garden that exudes beauty, create love, create a home that nurtures yourself and your family, create a memory, create a quilt to cover someone with tenderness, create a moment, create yourself, create a friendship, create an experience you will never forget. I want you to see that you can create because you must.

Days 58–64
Make a list in your journal of all the things you want to make this week.

Each day this week,make something from your list. At the end of the week, write a summary of what you made and make a celebration (even if its just with yourself).

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