As a part of her I'm Making It program, Sandra Magsamen shares daily activities that will help you create things with your own hands, explore your creativity and journey through self-discovery.
This week is about making things with our hands. It's important and fun to use our hands, together with our heads and hearts, to craft things. The things we make can have many uses—some are practical while others are edible, giftable or meaningful.

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When we make things, we make our ideas, thoughts and/or desires tangible. We bring to life things that matter to us so we can share them with the people who matter most to us.

Throughout our busy lives, we often think about making things, wish we had time to make things or even start to make something without finishing it. But if we do make something from start to finish, we quickly feel a sense of accomplishment, understanding and self-discovery that can be found nowhere else.

In the spirit of I'm Making It, we are going to make stuff this week. We are going to get started on using our hands to make things that we have thought about, previously started, read about, dreamed about or just plan want to do.

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