Day 53
Make a few moments today do play dress up. 

Instead of dressing quickly and efficiently, play around with the stuff in your closet.

Mix and match the things you have, accessorize and/or wear that pair of shoes that have been in the box for years.

Make stuff up, make it fun, use makeup and make this time a time for fun.

Day 54
Make this the day you play house.

Remember when you were a kid and you "played house"?

I would rearrange my bedroom, make paper flowers to put in vases and stack my stuffed animals in just the right way on my bed. I would move my bed so I could see the stars better at night and feel the morning breeze come through the window.

I loved playing at making my room my own.

As adults, we can do this too—we don't have to live with our living room or bedroom arranged one certain way. Enjoy moving things around, create a little space for tea or reading, or go out in the garden and pick some flowers, light candles, rearrange your books, hang a picture you have been wanting to hang, frame some photographs—do what you want and play at making your house whatever it is that you love.

Get your final three activities for Week 8.


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