Day 47
Make a plan to reach out to one person on your list.

I know—at first, reading this sounds a bit scary. But here is the deal: Most of us are not very skilled at asking for help. We often keep trying to figure it all out on our own.

We otherwise accomplish a lot and may get things done, but when we ask for help and get it, we grow in ways that we could not have foreseen. Once we have asked for help and gotten a little practice with this, we quickly see that it is a valuable tool and one that we could use with great joy in the future.

As always, you must approach this day as you approach all others, with your own personal style and grace. Look at the list of people you know and pick one person you can call or email and tell them what you are looking for.

Let them know they have qualities and skills that you believe would be most valuable to you. Use your list and tell them what the qualities are and that you would love to meet with them to ask some questions.

Once done, look at your other list of people you do not know. You have many choices for continued learning from this wealth of knowledge. You can continue to research, read their books and newsletters, jot down the wise words they have said, watch their movies or go to lectures. You could write to them through their websites or take a class if one exists.

You could try to meet the people you do not know, but the point is that you do not have to meet the people on this second list for them to be guides and teachers.

I write books for young children, and I have always loved the books of Margaret Wise Brown—Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny are two of my favorites. I spent hours this week researching Margaret and reading about her life, her passions and her work. I was so inspired by her philosophy for living and for writing. She passed away many years ago, but her legacy and life lessons have mentored, guided and inspired me.

Get your final activities for Week 7.


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