Day 45
Make two lists. The first one should be of people you know, and the second one should be of people you do not know personally, but whom you think might have the knowledge you seek. 

Read the list you made yesterday that highlights the things you want to learn. Use today to reflect on which people seem to have those things figured out.

Think about people you admire, look up to and have respect for, people who are experts in the field you are interested in, are doing what you want to be doing, are leaders and are kind.

Your first list has the names of people you could reach out to with a phone call, an email or through a friend. Next to each name, write what you believe this person might be able to teach you.
The second list may feature authors, businesspeople, world leaders, celebrities or someone you read about in the paper. Write next to their name what you think they can teach you.

Day 46
Make time to research the people on your list. Learn as much as you can about them. 

Now you are about to become a detective. Research and uncover who the people are on your lists. Find out about their lives, work, mission and achievements.

In your journal, make a page for each person you are interested in and paste clippings, write down quotes, jot down stuff you think is important to understanding these folks and what they believe in and, more importantly, why you are interested in them.

This exercise may take longer than a day, and that is fine. Enjoy it, have fun learning how these people followed their dreams and come to know them through this research a bit. I promise you will be moved, inspired, filled with curiosity and invigorated to know more.

Get your assignment for tomorrow.


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