Day 43
Make an entry in your journal in which you share any experiences you have had with mentoring. 

This exercise is designed to help you define or redefine and focus on what you think mentoring is. Write a definition of the word "mentoring." Have you ever mentored someone? How? Who are they? What lessons did you teach? How did you help them? What lessons to you feel you could teach if you were a mentor?

Have you ever been mentored? By whom? What lessons, support or guidance was gifted to you?

Write for as long as you want as you explore and focus on the act of sharing knowledge, supporting, guiding and caring with and about your fellow human beings.

Day 44
Make a list in your journal of the things for which you need or want guidance, teaching or support. 

Take time to reflect on what lessons and teachings would be valuable to you at this point in your life. Ask yourself questions like: Are there skills you need to know? Would it be helpful to have some additional support and encouragement for a project you are working on? Do you want to learn something new? Are there changes you feel you must make in your life but simply do not know where to start?

This exploration and focus will help excavate the areas in your life where a mentor may be very helpful.
Be honest and be open to areas of your life that are not exactly as you want them to be. This exercise is a chance to expose them and move toward a healthier, more fulfilled, happier you.

Continue the week with exercises for the next two days.


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