Day 55
Make up your mind to explore, get curious and discover new things. 

The sky's the limit today. Stay in, go out, go to the zoo, make bread too! Walk in the park, sit and watch a lark, visit a pal, go milk a cow, bake a pie, wave to people as they walk by, go to the bank, eat a ballpark frank, dream big, wear a wig, bring joy to all you do and share it with others too.

Day 56
Make a list of the playful things you would like to do or didn't get to this week. 

This list will become your play list, your wish list, so go wild.

When it's done, put it on the fridge or your office wall as a reminder to play each day!

Day 57
Make an entry in your journal this week and write about how playing feels.

What did you love? What do you want to do more of? What do you want to do less of? Is there any work you can make more playful?

The big question is how can you make your life more playful?

Have fun discovering all the ways you can play every day.

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