As a part of her I'm Making It program, Sandra Magsamen shares daily activities that will help you explore the importance of mentoring and having fun.
This week, we are going to explore the art, importance and beauty of mentoring.
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Throughout your life, you will be blessed with meeting many people. Some of these folks will impart valuable lessons to help guide and teach you. You, too, have important knowledge to pass on. Throughout your life, you will have many opportunities to help support, show and direct other people as they grow too.

The lessons we learn from and share with others come in all different sizes and shapes. Some lessons will be small, while others will be the big, life-changing kind. You might learn how to bake an apple pie from a neighbor, learn to knit from your grandma, learn to handle stressful meetings from a co-worker, learn how to heal a broken heart from a sister or even learn to survive breast cancer from another survivor.

There are infinite ways we as people can support, nurture, teach and help one another. One of life's greatest gifts is the fact that we can, in one minute, help to make another person's life better, and in doing so, we are ourselves enriched beyond measure.

Webster's Dictionary tells us that a mentor is a guide, a companion, a friend, a listener, a coach or cheerleader, a positive role model, an instructor, a resource and an adviser.

Mentors are good listeners. They are patient, kind, loyal, honest and trustworthy.

Mentors are found in our sisters, friends, moms, grandmas, teachers, doctors, nurses, presidents, first ladies, business leaders, hair dressers, scientists, cupcake makers, farmers, airplane pilots, authors and even taxi cab drivers. Mentors can be anywhere and everywhere, and we often can find them in our own backyard, if we look for them.

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