Day 41
Make a list of what makes you sad.

We all get sad from time to time. Dolly Parton, one of my favorite philosophers, said, "You gotta put up with a little rain if you want to see a rainbow."

There is a lot of wisdom in Ms. Dolly's quote. Without the gray, rainy days, we would have nothing to contrast the beautiful, sunny ones with. The highs in life are higher because we have had the lows. Nothing would ever change if we didn't have that nagging, sad feeling that alerts us to keep growing.

Knowing what makes you sad helps to identify even further what is meaningful to you and helps us to embrace what really truly matters.

I'm sad when my daughter is off at college. Although I am proud of her and want her to be in school, I am sad because I love her company, doing things together and talking. The loss I feel when she is away only strengthens my love for her and propels me to be grateful for all the moments we have together.

As you make your list of what makes you sad, think about why and how you can turn that sadness into gladness.

Day 42
Make a list of all the things you would say if you had to describe yourself to a stranger.

I hope you have spent this week searching, reflecting, uncovering, digging, simmering and feeling all the things that make you who you are.

Please don't stop searching for yourself after this week. Each day is an opportunity for you to uncover something new about yourself and to explore the next idea, thought, place or relationship.

Begin to see yourself as a work in progress, a masterpiece that is ever growing and changing.

Celebrate who you are!

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