Day 39
Make a list of what you know for sure.

In each O magazine issue, Oprah writes a section titled "What I Know for Sure." Just like Oprah, you, too, know things for sure.

At the top of a page in your journal write, "What I Know for Sure." Then, list everything you can think of that you know.

When you've finished, reread your page. What do you think? Do you know a lot? What don't you know that you want to learn more about? What can you do with all this knowledge?

Day 40
Make a list of what makes you smile.

Joy, happiness, contentment, awe and peace of mind are available to us every day if we decide to embrace them.

We can easily be washed down the river of chaos, confusion and despair as life's ever-changing currents race through our days. But, we don't have to be taken where we don't want to go if we are armed with ideas, places and thoughts that help us to stay positive and happy.

Use your list of things that make you smile every day. Smiling reflects inner joy and contentment, and your goal is to make smiling as much a part of every minute as possible.

Smile when the spirit moves you, smile for no reason, smile because it's raining, smile because it's spring, smile because you have a friend, smile because you just ate the best piece of chocolate pie—smile tons and see how your day changes.

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