Days 32, 33, 34
Make it "a dream come true" week and start working through the list you created on Day 30.

Again, if you have five minutes, use it. If you have five hours, go for it. You are in the driver's seat. The more you focus and work on making your dream come true, the sooner it will come true.

Get organized and write in your journal each time you work on your five steps. Document thoughts, insights, notes and ideas that will help you along the journey.

For the rest of this week, work on the five steps you have created. Work includes daydreaming about how to move forward, researching, reaching out for mentors and help, making something tangible and anything you can do to bring your dream into a clear focus.

Day 35
Make time to evaluate your dream progress.

Ask yourself, "What have I accomplished?"

Reread your mission statement and your five steps, and ask yourself, "What's next?"

Spend some time today reflecting and writing in your journal honestly about where you are and where you need to go to make your dream come true.

Dreams don't always come true overnight, in a week, a month or even a year. Some dreams take a short while to manifest, and others take a long time, but all dreams require attention and care.

As you leave this week and go through your days, remain goal-oriented and focused on your dream. When you make your dream a priority in your life, your life will begin to unfold with the dream in reach.

Dream big, and dream until your dream comes true.

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