Day 29
Make one dream your focus.

Read through both lists you created yesterday in your journal. Take a moment to reflect on your first list, "Dreams That Have Come True," and feel gratitude for the dreams you made come true.

Think about how you did it—what worked? What did you learn? Are there any lessons that could serve you well for future dreams?

Now move to the second list, "Dreams to Do." Read through each of them and pick one to focus on.

It is key to visualize, see, define, redefine and be specific about the dream. In your journal, write the dream at the top of the page and continue to write as many details as possible about the dream until you feel you understand it as much as possible. The more details you can imagine and create about your dream, the better.

Try to see in your imagination how your life will be different after the dream has been realized. See yourself creating the dream, living the dream.

Making dreams come true is no different from making anything else come to be. We must first see what we want to make in order to make it. If you've ever made a cake, you may recall that in your mind, you saw it as a chocolate cake or angel food cake; you saw the icing, the plate it sat on and I'll bet you could also almost taste it. Dreams come true when you imagine them too.

Take your dream with you all day and play with it and sleep on it.

Day 30
Make a mission statement for your dream.

As soon as you wake up, write a mission statement for your dream. A mission is just a sentence declaring what your dream is and what you intend to make. After the statement is written, write a list of five steps you can take to help make the dream come true.

Don't worry, no one is going to judge you on this. This sentence is important because it will serve as a reminder to you of what matters in the dream. As you come back to it time and time again, you will continue to be inspired by the mission.

Remember, there are no rules, so get creative and put your own spin on the work! Use your imagination and make this your own. Have fun, explore and embrace the infinite ways there are to make your dream come true.

Here is an example of my dream mission and to-do list:

Dream mission: I want to make and sell things that touch peoples lives and hearts.

Things to do:
1. Learn to make pottery.
2. Create and design a look that is uniquely my own and make a collection to offer.
3. Look for retail outlets and learn how craft and wholesale shows work.
4. Learn enough about business to get me into my first show.
5. Believe I can do this.

If you need to learn a skill or understand a business model, take a class, borrow a book from the library or become an intern with a master. Research the area of your dream as much as possible.

There is an old saying that I repeat to myself during times of research and preparation. "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail." This little phrase reminds me to do the work I need to do to move my dream forward.

Get activities for Day 31 and start making your dream come true.


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