As a part of her I'm Making It program, Sandra Magsamen shares daily activities that will help you make your dreams a reality.
A long time ago, I heard someone say, "The power of a dream is not in having it, but in living it." I knew the statement was true the second I heard it.

Dreams start somewhere deep inside us. They have time to grow and germinate in our minds, hearts and thoughts, but it's true—there comes a day when we must give birth to them.

Our dreams are magic, and if respected, nurtured and honored, they ultimately bring an abundance of meaning and purpose to our lives. Dreams guide us as we reach for the stars, follow our hearts' desires and do the things we are passionate about.

Dreams help weave the fabric of who we are, and they reveal what matters most to us. They allow our spirits to shine as they reflect our uniqueness and authenticity.

There are no big secrets to making dreams come true, but there are three ingredients found in every dream realized: the belief in yourself and in your dream, a heaping dose of passion and imagination and a lot of hard work.

Over the next seven days, you will explore your dreams and begin to make them what they are meant to become.

Enjoy the journey.

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Day 28
Make dreaming a priority today.

Reflect on dreams that you have made come true, and let the ones you have yet to bring to life begin to bubble up.

Jot down in your journal two lists: the first, title "Dreams That Have Come True," the second, "Dream to Do." Have fun writing down all your thoughts and wishes related to dreaming.

Remember, no dream is too small or too big. Honor every dream and thought, including a dream to see an old friend, to finish a marathon, to write a book, to plant a garden that will feed your family, to sing in a gospel choir, to tour Italy, to change jobs or to stop worrying about paying the rent.

When we focus on what we want, we can begin to align our thoughts and actions around achieving our dream.

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