Day 24
Take 30 minutes to organize your space.

It doesn't take much energy or time to bring order to chaos in our homes. When things are where you know they are and you have a sense of order, life just seems to move better.

Take 30 minutes to do a few things like getting the dishes washed, making the beds, taking the trash out, sweeping or vacuuming and straightening up, and I promise you will feel on top of the world!

Day 25
Make a bouquet of flowers and place it next to your bed.

A little bit of nature brought into your home brings a lot of pleasure.

In the spring, cut a few branches of forsythia buds and watch them blossom into sprays of yellow. In the summer, cut daisies or even dandelions to bring in a little sunshine. In the fall, a few branches of brightly colored leaves will fill a room with beauty. And in the winter, a few branches of holly will fill the room with joy.

Day 26
Make something grow.

Plant something in your home—a seed, bulb, little plant, some herbs—then nurture it. Water it, put it in the sun, talk to it and watch day by day how your actions and care help to transform and grow nothing into something.

Reflect in your journal on how you nurture relationships in your life.

What specifically do you do to help those you care about to grow?

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