This week is focused on creating spaces that nurture you. It's about making a home—your nest, a place to grow and find comfort and joy.
There are many small steps you can take to bring awareness to your environment, and to make small changes that have a big effect on how you live. The daily activities below are designed to inspire you to think about your home as a place of respite, and to make it your personal sanctuary.

Day 22
Make a collage in your journal

Begin to visualize in a tangible way what kind of space you love. Collect pictures of houses, furniture, images, rooms, lamps, dishes and spaces that intrigue, comfort and inspire.

As you pull each image from a magazine, you are making decisions about what you love and what environment you feel best in. As you create your home, you can draw from these images to recreate spaces that you love and that nurture you.

Day 23
Make your home glow in candlelight.

Our homes, like us, have many attitudes and can take on many moods. Explore and experience your home in different ways. Pull the shades down, don't turn on the lights and fill the room with only candlelight.

Experience how the feeling of the room changes as you make the lighting decisions.

Just like a director in a play, you can set the tone and the feeling of the environment. Lighting is a vital player in setting mood, so have fun and explore in the light and in the dark.

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