Day 19
Make time with a friend.

Make time to reach out to a friend today. You could call, email, text, go to lunch, meet for a walk or send a card. You decide how you will reach out, but, in some way, connect with a friend today.

Friendship is key to a happy and healthy life, so always find, take or create the time to nurture the people in your life.

Day 20
Make time for another thing you put on your list of things you don't have time to do.

Go ahead—you can do it!

Day 21
Make time for nurturing you.

Today, give yourself a little time. Choose something that makes you feel good and take time to do it for yourself. Maybe it's 30 more minutes at the gym, a longer walk in the park, an extra cup of coffee at breakfast or time to scrapbook a few pictures. Whatever it is, make time for it and for you.

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