I see them wander into the kitchen as we are preparing lunch, happily gobbling whatever treats I happen to toss their way. I see them move about the house as they find just the right spot where the sun streams through the window to warm their coats as they snooze. They take their morning, afternoon and mid-afternoon naps with peaceful pleasure. They let themselves rest without question or guilt. Oh, how I envy the naps—the long, serene, sigh-out-loud breaks from the day.

Our pets have a lot to teach us!

They encourage us to be ourselves, let our guards down, be a good friend, have fun, be faithful, rest, play, to follow our instincts, to kiss a lot and to take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy life.

This week, celebrate the furry friends in your life. If you have your own, that's great. If not, make friends with a neighbor's dog or a friend's kitty cat.

Take time for an extra walk with the dog, make a few more minutes to pet and brush your kitty cat, learn as they yawn and stretch and teach us the correct positioning for downward dog and write in your journal what life lessons you find valuable from our furry friends.  

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