I am very lucky to greet every morning with three loyal, loving companions. One is my husband, Mark, and the others are Matilda and Emily. Matilda is our dog (adopted from the SPCA), and Emily is a fat cat who adopted us.

I gratefully find myself included in their morning ritual. Each pet gently picks its head up to see who is awake and contentedly stretches. They kiss each other, they kiss me, they try to kiss Mark, although truth be told, he's not wild about their wet cold noses. They begin the day with a greeting that says (if cats and dogs could talk) "Good morning, so glad to see you and by the way, I really really love you."

They are in no hurry. The early morning spent giving unconditional love, nurturing each other and us without requiring anything in return. Day in, day out, they stick to this ritual, all before I get up and let them out to greet the day and the neighbors.

Working from home, I am privileged to see how they spend their day. They follow their instincts, eat with abandon, are constantly in search of a good time and they look for every opportunity to enjoy life. 

What we can learn from naps, treats and walks


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