Each day is different. Some days the sun breaks through the dark, replacing the purple night with a pink golden light. Other days the sun refuses to shine and gray clouds readily serve as the backdrop for the brilliant colors found only in nature. No matter how the day breaks, bring yourself fully to the awareness of this fresh start.

So often our lives seem to blur as we run through days that turn into weeks that turn into months that turn into years. It's hard to savor life when we are always on the run. 

This week, bring your attention to each day and honor it.

This week, really live in each day and write in your journal about the things that filled the moments and your heart.

Embrace the day deliberately, focusing on all the details, people, feelings and activities. Pay attention to the rituals that you have developed, as well as the surprises that punctuate the day.

Write about the sunrise, the colors, the heat, the light, the smells, the tastes, the sounds, the laughter and the feelings that swirl into one day.

When night comes, put the day to rest and look forward to the possibilities in tomorrow.

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