Make each day awesome.
This week, we are going to explore what it means to be awed and what people, places, events or things fill your heart with awe.

I long time ago, I heard a little verse that went something like this: "There are two ways to live your life...filled with awe or not at all." It made me stop and think about what awe is. Awe is awesome, and if it is not a feeling or word that you currently use in your vocabulary, this is the week to try it out.

Recognizing what fills you with awe is a gift you give to yourself. As you come to be aware of awe-filled places, experiences and events, you can begin to make deliberate plans to fill each day with awesome moments.

Awe is defined as a mixed emotion of reverence, respect and wonder inspired by authority, genius and great beauty. This week, each day will be filled with searching, seeing, feeling and discovering awe.

Allow yourself to tune in to that magical feeling of wonder and become awed by the song of an oriole, the moon as it fills the sky, the wind in your hair, the notes of a Mozart sonata, the beauty of the color in a beet, the quiet time right before the sun rises or the miraculous way dough rises when you bake bread. Notice the dew drops on a tomato plant first thing in the morning, taste the awesome flavor of a ripe melon, listen to the rain as it hits the roof playing a melody all its own or read a poem where the words speak directly to your heart.

Become an awe explorer—there are no boundaries, there are no rules. Just be awed.

Day 93–99
Make it an awesome week.

Each day this week, open your heart and eyes to beauty, wonder and awe. Write in your journal how you feel and what inspired your awe-filled experience.

Come back to your notes throughout the year and remind yourself how important awe is and give yourself the gift of living in awe.

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